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Show me more info Go to info A Moxe Health Product was conceived at the Milwaukee BuildHealth Hack-a-thon in response to a challenge from Aurora Health Care. That challenge: "Reduce the number of ED visits for non-emergent care in Milwaukee County."

Today, uses either text messaging or a web portal to help patients find the nearest available community clinic or Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).

We provide public transportation directions and can notify the patient’s clinic or case manager that a specific person is looking for help.

Tailored to patients with Medicaid and those without insurance, looks to improve access to care for the underserved while lowering costs by reinforcing the use of appropriate, primary care.

Payors reduces unnecessary reliance on the Emergency Department (ED) by guiding people to more appropriate care. The framework can be adapted to suit the optimal routing logic for each member of your organization. When we guide your members towards the right primary care setting we keep them in network and out of the ED.


We know how confusing it is to find help. There are a lot of services to help find providers, but all of the available options are overwhelming. When in doubt, it’s just easier to go to the Emergency Room (we know, we’ve done it too). This is especially true when you’re in a new and unfamiliar area.

Our goal is to make finding the best care obvious. This means getting you to low cost care with the shortest wait time, giving you directions to get there and notifying your provider that you need a little help. We want your help buliding a solution that works on your terms!


When people don’t know where to find medical help, they feel unsupported, anxious and end up seeking care wherever is easiest. In our current system, easiest is very rarely the “best” place for the patient, provider or the payor. We guide your patients through the health system and provide real-time feedback to their destination clinic, PCP, and assigned case manager. Connecting with patients is a high-touch activity and we believe technology should support and scale improved human interaction, not replace it.

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